ConnexPay transforms payment acceptance and issuance for Travel Companies and E-commerce providers by offering a revolutionary way to minimize risks and reduce costs in accepting payments from clients and issuing payments to suppliers — while avoiding the need for large lines of credit or prepayments. The comprehensive, integrated solution incorporates powerful fraud management, PCI-certified payment acceptance and payment issuance — driven by ConnexPay’s patent pending intelligent routing and single-use virtual cards — to handle every step of the process, all through a single provider under a single contract.

ConnexPay provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for OTAs and E-commerce merchants to accept payments from clients and pay suppliers relying on single-use virtual cards — while minimizing the risk of fraud, reducing costs, paying suppliers in a timelier fashion, getting many merchants their funds sooner, and increasing transparency. Our advanced solution is delivered without requiring OTAs or E-commerce providers to obtain large lines of credit, provide guarantees or prepay for most services.