Earn Industry-Leading Card Rebates

Instantly create, manage, and distribute virtual cards to your suppliers, and rely on custom controls to fraud-proof your transactions.

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Intelligent Purchases Routing

Patent-pending intelligent purchases routing technology chooses and automatically issues the type of card to provide the maximum rebate.

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Industry-Leading Card Rebates

Earn industry-leading rebates each month on card transactions, which boosts your revenue and increases cash flow to support business growth.

Issue Payments
Issue Payments

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Issue Payments


Instant virtual card issuance.

Issue Payments


No cost to issue virtual cards.

Issue Payments


Single-use or multi-use cards available.

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Reduced fraud through tight controls

  • Each virtual card can be configured for acceptance by only a designated supplier and during a specified time frame (after which it expires).
  • Cards can be set for or up to a certain dollar amount.
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Easy to get started

Rapid implementation with no setup fees.

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Easy API documentation.

What are virtual cards?

A virtual credit card is uniquely generated 16-digit card number that serves as a proxy to plastic and links to an established credit card account. Since each VCC is randomly generated and masks sensitive account data, they’re ideal for card-not-present and remote transactions, such as when making payments online or by phone.

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