Fraud Prevention

State-of-the-art fraud prevention through Kount, an Equifax company, is seamlessly integrated into the ConnexPay platform for each incoming transaction.

Key benefits =

Fraud Prevention


Every transaction is scored by Kount’s AI for fraud insights and machine learning before being cleared for processing.

Fraud Prevention


Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention solution protects from even the most sophisticated fraud attempts.

Fraud Prevention


Built to recognize patterns, anomalies, linked associations, as well as learn from historical outcomes, Kount detects complex and common fraud in milliseconds.

Fraud Prevention


Simple user interface.

Fraud Prevention

Chargeback reduction

This built-in fraud prevention tool helps stop fraud from ever happening in the first place, which reduces your chargebacks.

Fraud Prevention


No additional cost.

Value-added services

As a ConnexPay client, you have the option to include more value-added services from Kount for a nominal fee.

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