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ConnexPay’s virtual card solutions provide real-time control of card activity to better manage online advertising campaigns, which allows media and advertising agencies to simplify billing and enjoy automated reconciliations.

The problem

Media and advertising agencies often struggle to manage payment of online campaigns with traditional cards because they can’t be configured with guardrails around the spend, and the traditional card could be frozen if the credit limit is reached.

The solution

ConnexPay offers single-use virtual cards (designed for one use only, which can be controlled by specifying the supplier, the amount, the expiration date, and other controls) and also lodge cards (another type of virtual card that can be authorized and used many times, such as in a pay-per-click scenario, which works well for suppliers like Google and Facebook; additional funds can be added over time).

Here’s how it works =

1. A media/ad agency client approves deployment of a digital marketing campaign.

2. The media/ad agency generates a unique virtual card to pay for each campaign (single use or lodge cards available, with multiple BINS and BIN rotation optimization).

Single-use virtual cards
Multi-use virtual cards
Multiple BINs available

3. After the payment processes, robust transaction details are available to the media/ad agency in the ConnexPay platform.

4. The media/ad agency earns industry-leading cash rebates on card payments made to suppliers.

Key benefits =

Savings & revenue

  • No fees to issue virtual cards
  • Full control over advertising spend, with dynamic controls on each card (such as by campaign, amount, date, and more)
  • Increased revenue through industry-leading card rebates
  • Patent-pending intelligent purchases routing (IPR) technology chooses and automatically issues the type of card to provide the maximum rebate
  • Access to higher international interchange rates than other providers

Easy to get started

  • Rapid implementation with no setup fees
  • Over 60+ BINs available, with BIN rotation optimization
  • Make payments in some of the world’s leading currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD
  • Instant virtual card issuance
  • Automated reconciliation

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