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The World’s First and Only All-in-One Payments Platform

ConnexPay was founded in 2017 and built ground-breaking, modern technology to both accept and make payments, all inside a single platform.


We’re on a journey to transform lives by simply connecting payments.


Our mission is to raise the bar by taking the pain and friction out of payments via a single platform.


In 2017, Bob Kaufman left a 20-year career at one of the top 5 banks in the United States to create ConnexPay. Working as Chief Financial Officer in the bank’s Payments Services division, he saw firsthand the needless pain and frustration that travel agencies and other online payment intermediaries experienced.

While the bank offered technology solutions to both accept and make payments, they were completely separate platforms, in separate divisions of the bank, with different contracts and different support teams. Not only that, the bank viewed companies who served as payment intermediaries (like travel agencies, ticket brokers, and online marketplaces) as “high risk” — in the same category as online gambling and online pornography — and charged them higher fees as a result.

Bob knew there had to be a better way to serve these customers. He envisioned a solution built from the ground up to both accept and make payments, plus prevent fraud, all inside a single platform with one contract, one reconciliation, and one support team.

Backed by a few early angel investors, Bob and a small team created the technology that is now ConnexPay. In subsequent years, ConnexPay closed Series A, B, and C funding rounds, raising a total of $145 million to date.

“ConnexPay is focused on transforming lives by simply connecting payments. Through a better way to pay, we enable our clients to better serve their customers and improve cash flow.”
Bob Kaufman, Founder and CEO


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Meet the executive team who drives ConnexPay forward, day in and day out, to simply connect payments around the world.


ConnexPay is backed by four key investors, including FTV Capital, F-Prime, Panoramic Ventures, and Tamiami Florida Angel Funds.


ConnexPay is at the forefront of the payments industry. Take a look at our press releases as well as media mentions in other publications.


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