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While there are thousands of payments providers across the world, ConnexPay is the first and only company to connect incoming customer payments with outgoing supplier payments inside a single platform—all in real time.

ConnexPay is a payments technology company that aligns incoming customer payments with outgoing supplier payments. By connecting two traditionally separate payment functions, ConnexPay fundamentally de-risks the payment process and unlocks new benefits.

Guaranteed lower fees

Get lower merchant processing fees than you’re paying with your current provider – guaranteed. ConnexPay decreases risk and passes along significant savings to you.

Increased revenue

Boost your bottom line with industry-leading card rebates on every supplier payment. Plus, ConnexPay’s proprietary Intelligent Purchases Routing technology chooses and automatically issues the type of payment to maximize your reward.

Instant access to funds

Improve your working capital flow by obtaining instant access to incoming customer payments that you can immediately use for outgoing supplier payments.

Automated reconciliation

Simplified accounting with unique IDs connecting all incoming customer payments with outgoing supplier payments.

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