Event Ticket Brokers & Resellers

Get single-use or multi-use (static) virtual credit cards that easily allow you to purchase tickets for resale.

The problem

Due to bulk purchase restrictions, ticket brokers must purchase tickets manually using multiple credit cards tied to different billing addresses.

The solution

ConnexPay’s solution provides ticket brokers with virtual credit cards on rotating BINs and the ability to use any billing address needed. Plus, ticket brokers earn cash rebates on purchases made using virtual cards.

Here’s how it works =

1. A ticket broker uses the ConnexPay platform to create single-use or multi-use (static) virtual cards, with billing address flexibility, to purchase tickets for resale.

2. After the payment processes, robust transaction details are available to the ticket broker in the ConnexPay platform, including all reconciliation data in one place.

3. The ticket broker earns industry-leading cash rebates (up to 2%+) on each card payment.

Key benefits =

Savings & revenue

  • No fees to issue virtual cards
  • Increased revenue through industry-leading virtual card rebates—up to 2%+
  • Patent-pending intelligent purchases routing technology chooses and automatically issues the type of card to provide the maximum rebate
  • Full control over the card spend, including the amount, address, date, and more
  • One platform with all reconciliation data

Easy to get started

  • Rapid implementation with no setup fees
  • Over 60 BINs available, with easy BIN rotation optimization
  • Make payments in some of the world’s leading currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD
  • Instant virtual card issuance
  • High-touch customer service

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