Chargeback Management

ConnexPay’s proprietary Chargeback Management System was built based on client feedback and developed with simplicity in mind.

Key benefits =

User-Friendly Platform

ConnexPay clients tell us that our Chargeback Management System is the most user-friendly platform they’ve ever worked with to handle chargebacks.

Completely Digital

No more chargebacks by fax or snail mail.

More benefits =


Provides original transaction history and all supporting documentation to show a holistic view of the payment life cycle.


Access to support from the ConnexPay team, if needed.


Daily email notification of any chargebacks, plus the ability to automatically dispute outbound payments using data from inbound chargebacks.


Simple user interface with the ability to review and respond to chargebacks easily and quickly.


Robust search functionality with detailed chargeback information.


No additional cost.

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