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What We Do

Overall Benefits

ConnexPay’s technology reduces risk resulting in lower cost of accepting cards, unlimited credit, simplified reconciliation, and provides additional cash to invest in growth.

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How It Works

ConnexPay is changing the way online travel companies and e-commerce providers do business. There’s nothing like our solution in the marketplace.

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More than just a standard merchant processor and card issuer. Our patent pending technology includes intelligent routing for each transaction, credit unlike credit, and consolidated pricing.

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About Us

ConnexPay transforms payment acceptance and issuance for Travel Companies and E-commerce providers by offering a revolutionary way to minimize risks and reduce costs in accepting payments from clients and issuing payments to suppliers — while avoiding the need for large lines of credit or prepayments. The comprehensive, integrated solution incorporates powerful fraud management, PCI-certified payment acceptance and payment issuance — driven by ConnexPay’s patent pending intelligent routing and single-use virtual cards — to handle every step of the process, all through a single provider under a single contract.



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