A payments gateway that connects payment acceptance & issuance for marketplace companies.

A better way to pay.

ConnexPay is a payments technology that aligns card acceptance from customers with virtual card issuance to suppliers. By connecting two traditionally separate payment systems, ConnexPay fundamentally de-risks the payment process and unlocks new benefits. 

Unlimited Processing

No caps, minimums, or hidden fees. Process as much or as little as you need.

No Credit Needed

No need to prepay or obtain a line of credit to pay with virtual cards. Fund payments to suppliers with incoming customer payments in real-time.

Increased Revenue

Merchant fees are offset by your monthly rebate. ConnexPay can guarantee lower merchant fees than your current provider.

Payment processing
and issuing in one solution.

With only one integration, accept debit and credit cards, use state-of-the-art fraud detection at no cost, and immediately send supplier payments via virtual cards without waiting for settlement or needing prepayment.

More bells and whistles for marketplaces.

Because of your unique business model that sits in the middle of consumer and supplier payments, you need a solution that is made just for you. Every consideration from lowering risk and merchant fees to eliminating the need for credit makes payments a breeze. 

Payments technology that reduces risk and provides cash to invest in growth.

Merchant Processor

Guaranteed to reduce your merchant processing fees by decreasing risk and not needing to add a big markup on this part of our business.

Fraud Prevention

Every transaction evaluated by best-in-class machine learning and rule based fraud prevention technology from Kount.

Virtual Card Issuer

Unlike ACH, check, or wire, virtual cards provide chargeback rights for protection against suppliers who don’t provide an owed good or service, or who go out of business.


ConnexPay is Level 1 PCI-certified ensuring your customer data is safe and secure.

Automated Reconciliation

Simplified accounting with unique IDs connecting all incoming customer payments with outgoing supplier payments.


With one simple integration, receive 3 traditionally separate payment functions: card acceptance, virtual card issuance, and fraud prevention.

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