Delivery Services

Accept incoming customer funds and provide real-time payments to couriers all inside a single platform with one contract, one reconciliation, and an integrated fraud solution.

The problem

Delivery service companies in the “last mile” face a high cost of accepting payments and a disjointed courier payment process.

The solution

ConnexPay offers an all-in-one payments platform with guaranteed lower merchant processing fees.

Here’s how it works =

1. Customer places an order through a delivery service app.

2. ConnexPay steps in to:

Run fraud
Accept customer’s
Authorize the
Funds are immediately available to the ConnexPay client after authorization.

3. The delivery service uses incoming customer payment to generate payments for the suppliers (restaurants, grocers, etc.) and the drivers.

4. The delivery service company’s profit/commission on the sale can remain in their ConnexPay account or be transferred to their checking account.

Profit/commission on each sale
Cash earned from card rebates
Bank Account

5. With incoming and outgoing payments, reporting, and tracking all in one place, reconciliation is a breeze.

6. The delivery service company earns industry-leading cash rebates on card payments made to suppliers.

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Key benefits =

Savings & revenue

  • Immediate access to incoming funds
  • Guaranteed lower merchant processing fees
  • Increased revenue through industry-leading virtual card rebates
  • Access to higher international interchange rates than other providers
  • Patent-pending intelligent purchases routing technology chooses and automatically issues the type of card to provide the maximum rebate

All-in-one payments platform

  • Accept incoming payments by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more
  • Make outgoing payments by virtual card, credit card, ACH, and more
  • Working capital/available funds not impacted until supplier payment settles
  • No prefunding or lines of credit required
  • No processing caps or financial commitments
  • Ability to share complete customer data with downstream suppliers for fulfillment
  • Make payments in some of the world’s leading currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD

Fraud prevention & reporting

Easy to get started

  • Rapid implementation with no setup fees
  • Easy API documentation
  • Webhooks to notify you of transaction-related events
  • SDKs to ease the integration of payment acceptance on your website

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