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Dive into how vQuip, a provider of innovative insurance products across specialty markets, relies on ConnexPay to get their commission payments in real time and seamlessly pay carriers and suppliers, all inside the same payments platform.

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vQuip is revolutionizing the maritime tech industry through the company’s focus on risk management and creative insurance solutions. vQuip is passionate about the maritime industry and has built an innovative platform where rental businesses, consumers, insurance providers, and brokers can share in the benefits of a safer, cost-effective, and convenient rental experience. With vQuip, their clients can more effectively manage risks to their business with everything from digital waivers and training materials to GPS tracking and data storage to insurance coverage and more.

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vQuip empowers companies in the shared economy and their renters to more seamlessly transfer and protect risks. Our mission is to unlock easy, accessible, and innovative insurance products across specialty markets.”

“By partnering with ConnexPay and using their all-in-one payments platform, we are able to benefit from instant access to incoming customer premium payments that we can use in real time to take out our commission and pay carriers. We’re also able to enjoy guaranteed lower merchant processing fees and earn industry-leading card rebates on outgoing card payments, ultimately boosting cash flow and improving our bottom line.”

“Both vQuip and ConnexPay are innovators in our industries, which makes this a partnership that works and is beneficial on both sides. I’d recommend ConnexPay to any company that is looking to thrive.”

— Cam Serigne, Founder

About ConnexPay =

ConnexPay is the first and only company to bring together the two sides of the payment process — payments acceptance and virtual payments issuing — into a single platform with one contract and one reconciliation. The flexibility of this technology allows clients to adopt the full end-to-end acquiring and issuing solution or leverage ConnexPay’s innovative issuing-only platform for virtual card payments.

Although ConnexPay started its journey with a focus on the travel and tourism space, ConnexPay’s solutions are applicable across a broad spectrum of corporate payment use cases. The platform is well suited for corporate disbursements like insurance and warranty claims, loyalty and rewards payouts as well as corporate procurements like media/advertising buys and ticketing.

The company’s technology simplifies an antiquated workflow, eliminates the need for pre-funded accounts, reduces supplier risk and the cost of accepting card payments while safeguarding consumer spend. Founded in 2017, ConnexPay is an industry leader in payments for industries historically viewed as high risk to payment providers.

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