Who We Serve

Travel Industry

The distribution of airline tickets and hotel rooms has become quite complex. The interaction between a traveler and a traditional airline or hotel could easily involve three or four middlemen companies. Whether an airline consolidator, a tour operator, or a travel agency, ConnexPay is the perfect solution for your payment needs. We support both the acceptance of consumer payments as well as paying your suppliers.

Marketplaces & Platforms

Consumers create demand for online marketplaces to be able to see and compare a variety of aggregated options and pricing. From flower delivery to promotional gear companies, these intermediaries not only make life easy for consumers, but they also help suppliers increase sales. Although the business types are endless, here are a few company types that ConnexPay supports:

Flower Delivery

Custom Printed

Booking & Ticketing

Food Delivery

Digital Marketing

Brokers & Agents

Intermediary companies also come in the form of brokers and agents. These businesses have unique needs in their ecosystems to support an established industry. Their function also benefits both the customer and the supplier for ease of choice and a wider reach. ConnexPay supports brokers and agents in the following verticals:

Travel Agencies &
Tour Operators
Freight Forwarders
& Brokers

Reduce risk, save money, and generate cash to invest in growth.

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