A BIN sponsor and merchant processor all in one, ConnexPay manages relationships with banks and card networks on your behalf, allowing you to get to market faster.

The problem

Fintech companies need a way accept and make payments without going through the laborious and costly process of joining a card scheme directly.

The solution

Rely on ConnexPay as your full end-to-end solution for BIN sponsorship and merchant services. Fintechs can issue virtual cards from over 30 available BINs with no need for your own direct scheme membership. If you don’t need merchant services, you can still count on ConnexPay as your robust issuing processor and BIN sponsor for card issuing.

How it works for card issuing only =

1. Fintech generates a supplier card payment from ConnexPay’s 30+ BINs available.

Single-use virtual cards
Multi-use virtual cards
Multiple BINs available

2. After the payment processes, robust transaction details are available in the ConnexPay platform.

3. Fintech earns industry-leading cash rebates on card payments made to suppliers.

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Key benefits =

Savings & revenue

  • Over 30 card BINs available with BIN rotation optimization
  • Patent-pending intelligent purchases routing technology chooses and automatically issues the type of card to provide the maximum rebate
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Increased revenue through industry-leading card rebates
  • Access to higher international interchange rates than other providers

All-in-one payments platform

  • Flexibility in use case models
  • Make outgoing payments by virtual card, credit card, ACH, and more
  • No processing caps or financial commitments
  • Rapid implementation

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