Connect payments to unlock new perks.

When companies partner with ConnexPay, incoming payments from consumers are linked directly with outgoing payments to suppliers. With ConnexPay’s innovative process for payments, risk is reduced and new benefits are available for the taking. 

A payments technology for marketplace companies.

Merchant processing, state-of-the-art fraud detection, and virtual card issuing all in one comprehensive payments solution. Connect payment systems, decrease risk, and receive new benefits.

Immediate access to incoming funds with no need for credit or cash reserves to pay suppliers. We call this “credit unlike credit.

Automate reconciliation with unique IDs to match all incoming and outgoing payments.

Get three payments solutions through one simple integration. Only one contract, vendor, and support team for all payments needs.

A custom-made Chargeback Management System.

ConnexPay’s Chargeback Management System is a proprietary product developed with simplicity in mind. The user-friendly interface provides a necessary view of the original transaction history, all supporting chargeback documentation, and also ties to the virtual card history to show a holistic view of the payment life cycle in order to manage chargebacks efficiently.

Reconciliation done for you. 

Because all incoming and outgoing transactions are housed under the ConnexPay system, we match every customer transaction to its supplier payment for you as well as any refunds or voids.

Dashboard views to monitor payments.

Visually track everything needed in an easy dashboard to ensure your business is running the way you expect. With performance data and analytics shown graphically, build your strategy efficiently and position your business for growth.

Take control of the consumer experience.

Being the merchant of record for your customers gives you control, insight, and protection. Control over pricing and customer experience, insight into payment operations like refunds and returns, and protection against fraud loss and chargeback abuse.

Guaranteed lower merchant fees.

ConnexPay fundamentally de-risks the payment process for marketplace companies. Less risk equals less cost. With ConnexPay, these savings are passed to you. 


Integrated state-of-the-art fraud prevention for every transaction.

Everyone likes a freebie, especially when it’s fraud protection. ConnexPay partners with a best-in-class fraud solution from Kount, an Equifax Company. With Kount’s technology integrated into ConnexPay at no additional charge, every transaction is scored by Kount’s AI for fraud insights and machine learning technology before being cleared for processing.

Make supplier payments while also getting paid.

Virtual cards are a limited use credit card number that exists digitally without a physical plastic card. If you’re still paying suppliers with check, ACH, or wire, you are exposing your business to unnecessary supplier payment risk and missing out on a revenue opportunity. 

Receive a portion of the interchange to offset merchant fees and invest in growth when you use virtual cards to pay your vendors. 

The credit limit set for each virtual card provides a cap to what the supplier can process so you will never be overcharged.

Parameters such as expiration date, MCC restrictions, and authorizations can be set on each card in order to protect your payments.

Two networks give twice the flexibility.

Unlike most virtual card issuers, ConnexPay has partner relationships with both Mastercard and Visa to ensure maximum flexibility to benefit you or your suppliers.


Get started in as little as 10 days.

Connecting with us is easy and stress-free. Unlike most payments providers, ConnexPay doesn’t require financial commitments or cap your spend. There is also no need for lines of credit or cash reserves.

Access ConnexPay through:

  • Direct/API Connection
  • ConnexPay Portal
  • GDS Connector

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