ConnexPay Wins Gold at Juniper’s Future Digital Awards 2023

Oct 4, 2023

ConnexPay selected as a gold winner in Best Instant Payment Innovation category
ATLANTA, US / October 4, 2023: ConnexPay, the first payments technology company to integrate payments acceptance and issuance inside a single platform, has been selected as gold winner in the Best Instant Payment Innovation category at the Future Digital Awards 2023.

Established in 2008, these prestigious awards recognize tech companies at the forefront of their respective fields, delivering imaginative, innovative products or services that have the potential to disrupt their ecosystems and provide significant benefits to their target audience.

Traditionally, the tools businesses use to accept payments and make payments have been two separate systems, even if both services are supplied by the same provider. This legacy model prevents companies from accessing funds that have been paid to them for several days or even weeks, delaying settlements and often causing the need for credit, which can be a significant cost in today’s challenging business environment.

ConnexPay was founded to unify B2B payments, both pay in and pay out, inside a single platform for improved cash flow management. ConnexPay’s easy-to-use, all-in-one platform enables businesses to accept incoming payments and get immediate access to funds, prevent fraud, and pay their suppliers all in real time. By connecting traditionally separate payment functions, ConnexPay fundamentally de-risks the payment process and allows businesses to pay lower fees to accept incoming payments while increasing their revenue through higher rebates on outgoing card payments. This smart and flexible technology puts more control in businesses’ hands and provides transparent end-to-end transactions, all inside a single solution.

Today ConnexPay has been able to secure an impressive customer base across six continents and transacts in multiple global currencies.

Bob Kaufman, Founder and CEO at ConnexPay, said: “Innovation is at the core of everything we do, so it’s fantastic to have our role in moving the payments industry forward recognized by the judges. Thanks to our team’s efforts and dedication, ConnexPay has seen many exciting developments over the past year, and this award marks another impressive achievement.”

He added: “Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business, but while individuals can transfer money instantly and without friction, business payments are hamstrung by disconnected systems, which means that payments can take days and stop entirely on weekends and public holidays. This is a particular problem in industries like travel, where millions of dollars can be delayed, leading to major problems in an industry already stretched thin. But with our platform, rather than waiting several days to receive money that is already theirs, companies can have access to their incoming funds in real time — no waiting for settlement. We look forward to continuing to disrupt the payments space and help even more customers save money and increase revenue.”

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About ConnexPay
ConnexPay is the first company to bring together the two sides of the payment process — payments acceptance and virtual payments issuing — into a single platform with one contract and one reconciliation. The flexibility of this technology allows clients to adopt the full end-to-end acquiring and issuing solution or leverage ConnexPay’s innovative intelligent routing issuing-only platform.

Although ConnexPay started its journey with a focus on the travel and tourism space, ConnexPay’s solutions are applicable across a broad spectrum of corporate payment use cases. The platform is well suited for corporate disbursements like insurance and warranty claims, loyalty and rewards payouts as well as corporate procurements like media/advertising buys and ticketing.

The company’s technology simplifies an antiquated workflow, eliminates the need for pre-funded accounts, reduces supplier risk and the cost of accepting card payments while safeguarding consumer spend. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.

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