About ConnexPay:

ConnexPay transforms payment acceptance and issuance for Travel and E-commerce providers which act as C2B2B intermediaries. By offering clients a revolutionary way to minimize risks and reduce credit and debit card acceptance costs through linked real-time payments issued to suppliers, ConnexPay’s clients avoid the need for large lines of credit or personal guarantees.

ConnexPay provides a comprehensive, integrated payments solution which incorporates powerful anti-fraud detection along with PCI-certified payment acceptance and payment issuance — driven by ConnexPay’s patent pending intelligent routing and single-use virtual cards — to handle every step of the process.

Through a single provider under a simple contract, Travel and E-commerce providers can accept payments from clients and issue payments to suppliers with single-use virtual cards from multiple major card brands. ConnexPay’s advanced solution does not require clients to obtain large lines of credit, provide large reserves, or prepay for most services. Our difference makes all the difference.


ConnexPay started with one simple mission – combine two traditionally separate payment products (card acceptance and card issuing) – into a single platform. With a combined solution, risk is removed from the card acceptance business resulting in significant benefits to business intermediaries.

ConnexPay’s seasoned team is backed by Buckhead Investment Partners in Atlanta, Georgia and Tamiami Angel Funds in Naples, Florida. ConnexPay filed for its first patent in November 2017 and formally launched for clients in 2018.

With offices in Minneapolis, Naples, and in Atlanta Georgia’s booming technology corridor, ConnexPay is poised for rapid growth.